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Zhonglian Juxin Environmental Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is located in the world famous ancient capital and modern international city ---- Beijing, which is a national political center, cultural center, international communication center, and scientific and technological innovation center. Equipment and drying room mainly, integrating product development, sales consulting, equipment installation and after-sales service as an integrated energy-saving enterprise, including food dryers, fruit dryers, meat dryers, grain dryers, Complementary products such as medicinal material dryers, products are widely used in food, agricultural products, Chinese herbal medicines, tobacco, seafood, industrial and other industries for drying and dehumidification needs.

The air energy heat pump dryer has precise control over temperature and humidity, and equipment automation, simplified operation, and multiple drying methods to create a different drying environment for various fruits, food materials, and medicinal materials, thereby greatly improving fruit and food materials. 2. Drying quality of medicinal materials. With its advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and safety, it has not only become a new favorite in the market, but also favored by many consumers. The products are widely sold in more than 20 provinces, cities and other regions of the country, and exported to overseas along the “Belt and Road”.

Zhonglian takes “innovation, responsibility, gratitude, and win-win” as its core concepts, takes “energy saving and environmental protection, and benefits humanity” as its lofty mission, and is based on “air-source heat pump drying products”, and is fully committed to the energy-saving and environmental protection industry. Promote the development of heat pump drying and drying technology as the pursuit, and through continuous understanding of users' problems and practical experience in food drying processing technology, fruit drying processing technology, medicinal material drying processing technology, and grain drying processing technology, Established a mature optimization scheme system. For users with different material drying requirements, a suitable design solution is customized.

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  • Fruit dryers do this routine maintenance <
    Fruit dryers do this daily maintenance

    In fact, the more expensive mechanical products like fruit dryers are the key to good maintenance. So today, the editor of the fruit dryer company will share with you the daily maintenance content of fruit dryers.

  • Sea cucumber drying process of food dryer <
    Sea cucumber drying process of food dryer

    I think everyone is familiar with sea cucumbers. Sea cucumbers are echinoderms in the sea, which are edible and medicinal. The reason is that sea cucumbers contain a lot of nutrients, which have kidney tonic, essence, take urine, and strong

  • Temperature parameter of overlord flower dryer for medicinal material drying <
    Temperature parameters of Bawanghua dryer for medicinal materials drying

    I think there are many people who know overlord flowers among the majority of users. Even if you do n’t know what the overlord flowers are, the scales, keel flowers, and sword flowers, you should know them. These names are different from place to place.

  • How to Dry Blueberries in Fruit Dryer <
    How to dry the blueberries in the fruit dryer

    Fresh blueberries are rarely seen in some small supermarkets, because fresh blueberries have a short shelf life and high prices. If they are not sold in time, you will receive losses.

  • Knowledge of squid drying in food dryer is less <
    Knowledge of squid drying in food dryer

    I have shared a lot of knowledge about the drying process of seafood and the type of dryer. I have shared a lot with you before, for example, the abalone drying process shared by Xiaobian and Daji yesterday. You still need to be serious.

  • Three stages of maca drying for medicinal material dryer installation <
    Three stages of maca drying for medicinal material dryer installation

    Maca is a cruciferous plant with rich nutritional value. It has anti-fatigue, physical strength, sleep enhancement, anti-menopause, active fertility, and memory improvement.

  • Features of kiwi dryer for fruit dryer <
    Features of kiwi dryer for fruit dryer

    I think everyone knows what it is. Its taste is sweet and sour, and it also has rich nutrients. It also has heat and fire reduction, moisturizing laxative, weight loss, bodybuilding, lightening dark spots, improving skin.

  • Share medicinal dryer for medicinal dryer <
    Share medicinal dryer for medicinal dryer

    There are many types of Chinese medicinal materials in China, so the technology of traditional Chinese medicine is relatively advanced, so the shelf life of fresh Chinese herbal medicines is relatively short. Once the storage period is over, its efficacy is greatly reduced, and there are even some

  • Drying process of bamboo dipper for food dryer <
    Bamboo dryer drying process of food dryer

    Bamboo fungi are mainly divided into long skirt bamboo shoots and short skirt bamboo shoots, spiny bamboo shoots, red bamboo shoots. The bamboo clams are rich in nutritional ingredients, the taste is relatively delicious, and the bamboo clams are widely distributed.

  • Sunflower sunflower drying process of food dryer <
    Sunflower sunflower drying process of food dryer

    Golden Sunflower can not only be used for food, but also has antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. We can consider this material to be a dual-use food. Among them, Golden Sunflower has a strong ability to adapt to the environment.

  • Share your knowledge about sandworm dryer <
    Share your knowledge about sand bug dryer with you

    Do you know the sandworm? I believe there are very few customers who know sandworm! Sandworms generally live in the sandy muddy sea areas along the beach. They are edible and have high nutritional value, so they will be very large.

  • Talk about several advantages of high temperature heat pump dryer <
    Talk about several advantages of high temperature heat pump dryer

    There are many types of dryers and drying methods, and all types of dryers have their own unique characteristics. Because there are too many types, I will slowly share them with you, so I will come to this chapter.